Our fabulous booth team, L to R: Gwen Spencer, Katherine, Marcy, Nancy Murakami, Deena Mauerman. We could not do it without these amazing, fun and VERY talented women!

The Fabrics

Many (but not all) of the fabrics used in the garments shown here are from our online store. In preparation for the Sewing Expo, I've been buying and stockpiling fabric for months, At the show there will be some duplication with what is online, AND lots of different new fabrics that are not posted yet. All the new things that come back from the show will be posted gradually afterwards. New fabrics arrive all the time, and Katherine and I will go on a buying trip in mid March to stock up for summer into early fall.



In the ArtBarn fabric studio, new fabrics are posted as they arrive. Whenever possible, they are posted chronologically in the NEW FABRICS section. I like to organize groupings of color, or of a collection together. Often I'll announce a new collection on FaceBook in an album, and from time to time we offer a fabric giveaway via FB, so do 'like' us so you can be in the know about that.

We're in the process of putting together a spring collection of Cool Combos, and will post these when back from the Expo.

Buy of the Week is usually posted at the end of the week. The special prices reflected here are ONLY in this section, regular prices are in the other fabric categories, so you must buy while in this page. Once the week's buy is finished, things go back to their regular price, and all are current season items.

End Cuts are posted by Beth on Monday.

The Patterns
Below is the handout for the fashion show with line drawings of the patterns we used in the show.

Click on the pages to enlarge and to print out for yourself.

The Clothes

Katherine's New Butterick 5891
atherine makes the move from Vogue to Butterick. This jacket/vest duo is one I've made for myself this spring. The two pieces work separately, but the great thing is how beautifully they layer together, the vest nests under the jacket like a dream, making this a practical combo for wardrobing and travel.

The pattern is so new that the line drawing is not included in our handout, so I've shown it here.
Link to Butterick 5891

Link to Katherine's recent blog with more info on her new patterns
Katherine made a version in crinkled stretch denim for the fashion show. The jacket works in a range of fabrics from crisp to soft and can function as a jacket in a denim/linen weight or as a shirt in a lighter linen or cotton.
The fashion show version is a black double layered silk which Katherine tossed in the washer/dryer to soften before sewing and used miss-matched Paris vintage buttons.

Beth's Alabama Chanin Masterpiece
Marcy's Jacket
Vogue 8795
I wish you could TOUCH this garment, it is soft, supple, malleable, like a second skin. Beth's impeccable stitching reflects her years as a basket maker as well as her love of this process. The entire garment is hand sewn, you can see the seam stitching in the photo. She used two of our cotton/lycra knits, a plummy grape over black, and chose the thread color with care. While she rarely wears the two pieces together, she wears them as separates often and for daily life, pairing the skirt with hand sewn leggings and tossing the jacket over whatever. Beth's husband Mark hand carved the buttons from madrone found on their 200 acre property.

Marcy's Waterfall Cardi Vogue 8839

traight from my own closet, and exactly as I'd wear it.

The cardi is uber cozy in a soft Japanese knit. I worked with the fabric, using the selvedges along the edges and hems whenever possible, pieceing when necessary, and using a single layer for the collar.

Worn under the jacket, a basic white T, Vogue 8636, done in a tissue knit, used double in the body, single layer in the sleeve with a mesh band

The skinny pant, Vogue 8859 in a stretch cotton...I could wear a version of this pant every day of the week! It works in both knits and wovens. I make it in a full length for cool weather, cropped for warmer days.

Finished off with a silk screened canvas bag, Vogue 8761.

Katherine's Tunic Vogue 8817
Sewn in a mix of knits from our ever changing (and growing) collection of knits, Katherine adds touches of silk screening, I often hear her say, 'it just needs a bit of paint to pull it together and make it pop.'

Katherine's T's: Variations On a Theme Vogue 8793
Makes a splendid basic T-shirt block. It has a superb shaped cut, and by simple changing the neckline treatment you get an entirely different look. Katherine has a great eye for combining fabrics.

Vogue 8813
'the little French house dress'

When my friend, Sandy Globus, owner of the wonderful fabric store,
Fabric of Vision requested, 'why don't you come up with a design for a vintage-modern little French housedress', I loved the visual image. This dress came about because of her off the cuff remark. The versions shown here are from the pattern envelope, and we keep making renditions of it depending on the season, the fabric and creative whims. Beth and Shelley have shortened it to tunic length and made it in cozy knits, and I have an airy linen version for hot days. I've added an elastic casing to the pocket, nipped it in in the back, and our friend Laura uses clear elastic for the shirring. Shown below in a melange of knits and a novelty Japanese cotton.

Vogue 8876
Marcy's new dress
ve already made 3 different personal versions of this dress....and I don't think of myself as a 'dress' person. At a recent workshop, different people tried it on (some with a bit of skepticism), and were surprised & delighted at how great it looks on different figures. We featured all 3 versions shown on the pattern envelope in the fashion show.

One of our customers is making it as a spring duster coat, and I've recently blogged about it with greater detail about the pattern and a photo of the first version I made for myself:

Blog #1: Notes on Vogue 8876 and other versions

Blog #2: Turning the dress into a vest

Vogue 8709
Diane Ericson and Gayle Ortiz
Tweak V8709
Shirt into Dress

Everybody goes about altering this pattern differently to change it from a shirt to a dress. It helps if you've made the pattern as-is first to get your bearings, but the simplest thing to do is to add length to the peplum hem...this is a BIG pattern piece, which can be pieced if needed. Diane used the piecing as part of the design. Gayle did too, and she eliminated the tuck at the back.

These two versions are not only spectacular with intriguing details, but are very wearable. We paired Diane's with dark denim leggings in the fashion show, and Gayle wears hers with pale gray leggings.

BIG buttons on each version add fun and focus!
Diane's Version
Diane has mastered the art of evolving the garment as she works. Here you can get an idea of how the collar and shoulder are pieced. She used any number of indigo-blue tones, different fabrics and textures and not all the colors are 'perfect' matches, but the eye mixes everything together and the result is perfect harmony. Diane pared down the peplum with a series of darts and tucks which adds a bell curve shape at the hem.
Click on the photo to see Diane's new website.
Gayle's Version
Gayle used a good quality unbleached muslin as the base fabric. She layered mesh, net and cotton tulle over the muslin, silk screening the different layers.
Gayle started on this dress at Design Outside the Lines in Sisters last June.

Katherine's portrait collar shirt
Vogue 8834
Silk screened gray stretch cotton with gray ponte narrow pant, Vogue 8837, and Marcy's tote handbag, Vogue 8823 which uses a Jane Dunnewold designed printed cotton/linen canvas fabric from Spoonflower.
Stretch cotton stripe shirt Vogue 8334 with black ponte skirt, Vogue 8837 and Marcy handbag, Vogue 8662.

Vogue 1331
Mustard wool appliqued and pieced Koos Coat

his coat is a marvel of design and construction. The base fabric is a felted wool with contrast appliqué applied on top. Unlined, it has the feel of a sweater or shirt, but with a swing and movement to it. This is a GREAT pattern for other fabrics too, I'm seeing it in linen or cashmere. Worn with brown ponte Marcy Tilton skinny pants, Vogue 8859, and Marcy Tilton leather handbag, Vogue 8761

Sandra Betzina
lack puckered knit silk top, Vogue 8151, black jacket, Vogue 1262 and leopard pleated skirt...see Sandra's website for instructions. for the skirt and MUCH more. You'll find information on her web classes, retreats, see a gallery of her garments and a fabulous world wide map of fabric stores all over the globe.
Vogue 8151
Vogue 1262
Link to Sandra Betzina's NEW Website

Vogue 8863
Katherine's Jacket
Worn with Katherine upcoming Butterick pants, Out of Print Marcy scarf and lime leather bag, Vogue 8823 (hand painted by Katherine).. Katherine silk screened the grosgrain ribbon that covers the exposed zipper.
Here in kiwi melton, worn with OOP Marcy scarf and Vogue 8590 silk dupioni tote.

Vogue 1319
Sandra Betzina coat by Nancy Murakami and Sandra
Nancy's Version
Nancy is a fun and spirited presence in our booth at the Expo, and she goes all out to make a fabulous outfit to wear each day. Her creative approach to sewing and designing is gaining a following of fans (and I am one). She has a great eye and the creative courage to push her edges. The coat is sewn in our Metro Tweed (sold out).
Sandra's Version
Sandra used a black wool with white contrast...the white sewn using a black decorative stitch that looks hand stitched. The wide leg mega houndstooth check pants are ponte.

Vogue 1320
Issey Miyake Coat

arcy's version of the Issey Miyake Coat, Vogue 1320, paired with Marcy's handbag pattern, Vogue 8843 sewn in soft red leather. The hand over dyed/crinkled Japanese checkered wool is from Marcy's stash.

Worn over narrow pant, Vogue 8859, in charcoal ponte.

For more details on the making of this coat, (which I made over a period of months) click on the following 3 links:

Miyake Coat Part 1: On The Road With the Miyake Coat, Miyake Coat Part 2: Back to the Miyake CoatMiyake Coat Part 3: Done, Finished, Complete

Vogue 2971
Vogue 8793
Koos Skirt Vogue 2971 (out of print)
+ Katherine Tilton Vogue 8793
n a homage to Koos, whose work we love and admire, we paired a mesh knit in the same color tones as the skirt, working the body of the T in a double layer and the sleeves in a single sheer layer.

The skirt is a masterpiece of fabric collage, cut/structure....even has pockets, you could go out for the evening with out a purse!
And the color blending is masterful.

What I Wore
etting ready for the Puyallup Sewing Expo starts months in advance. In addition to planning out the fabrics, (250 bolts at last count), designing, cutting & assembling the Cool Combos (over 200 of these), organizing the Vogue/Butterick Inspired Everyday Creatives Closet fashion show
and getting the booth ready, there is the issue of......
In the midst of all of the above, I keep my center and my sanity by doing some sewing every day.
Here are the 4 outfits I'll be wearing at the Expo.
Subject to change, but this is what is in the suitcase.
Marcy's Blog

I've blogged about the garments I made to wear at the Sewing Expo. If you enjoy the blog, do sign up to be a blog follower so you get every post via e-mail.

Don't miss this charming and inspiring video!
It took 10,000 still photos to create this wild and wonderful music videos using sewing and embroidery tools.


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