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We change our theme each year and vary the focus for every retreat.
Our theme and focus for 2013:
We send out our teaching focus before each retreat. Here is an example of our 2012 teaching focus.

Marcy's Teaching Focus:

Paris Influences
Inventive T-Shirts: Conquering Tricky Knits
Pairing Pattern and Fabric
Making & Wearing a Dress

Marcy's 2012 creativity mantra:
Nurturing creative courage in myself and others.
Fostering, cultivating and relentlessly pursuing good design.

My teaching focus for Design Outside the Lines 2012 is to continue to explore making functional and creative clothes for everyday life. This year I'm getting closer to a closet and studio with the feeling of an appealing little French shop/atelier. (visually delicious, spacious & a bit quirky).

THE YEAR OF THE DRESS is a new concept I am excited to share. I have become intrigued (obsessed?) with dresses, and will share ideas for making and wearing a dress as part of a kicked back daily lifestyle; & remember, a dress does not have to be DRESSY.

Travel keeps me on my toes in the never ending evolution of a minimal go-to seasonal wardrobe. I will start the retreat with a trunk show---current work from my own wardrobe, Vogue pattern prototypes and pieces from my Paris collection that influence my design, sewing and wardrobe. As a designer and maker, I am delighted by looking at the innovations in design and construction in Paris clothes, in museums, on the street, window shopping and virtual shopping. I want to incorporate the nuance of fit and design found in French clothes which are all about shape and detail---effortlessly finished but blending raw edges, interesting stitching or a funky element with something refined. Has me re-thinking the rules of fit, technique and construction, and pursuing the divine in the details. Heading back to Paris in May, I am plotting a spring travel wardrobe, and will share that design process with you too. My ongoing personal wardrobe paring and evolution is taking me back to a few tried and true basic patterns and re-working them in fresh ways. If you have one or two favorites you've made and loved, bring them along to consider for updated iterations.

Zeroing in on inventive t-shirts and cardigans, I will discuss conquering tricky knits (thin, thick, sheer, stable, sweater etc), sharing guidelines for buying and sewing knits as well as coming up with simple solutions to this sewing this practical, challenging and malleable fabric.
Sometimes I start with a purchased/recycled T or two. Surface design can be part of the process/ If you are interested in this, bring a grouping of purchased T-s to play with. They don't actually have to fit (that is part of the process). Sometimes having 2 of the same T opens up other horizons.

Pairing Pattern & Fabric is a skill that can be constantly fine tuned. This is my teaching topic for the Puyallup Sewing Expo, and you will see an updated version of this presentation. Bring some patterns/fabric for discussion.

Handbags Galore In the past year or so, I have done 5 handbag/accessory pattern packages for Vogue. (Sometimes a I experience a love/hate relationship to the project). I will bring samples, out-takes, bibs & bobs and share what I've learned.
Diane's Teaching Focus

Although I am rarely at a loss for what to do with my hands....I am having a blank moment in my life. It is amazing to experience such space in myself: just cleared, mulched landscape as far as the eye can see. It is definitely a time of honoring the process for me and deeply appreciating my relationship/creative connection with my mom. I am looking at everything with fresh eyes and being very selective about what
I touch with the gift we know as focus.

Printing your own Yardage
Insetting: the Artful Fabric Detail
Polishing my Look- New Combinations & Accessories

Surface Design: In the next Threads will be my Creating your own Yardage article. I
will bring some of the pieces I created for the article to share. Printing bigger pieces of fabric has stretched my design thinking in new ways. I want to create garments using my own fabric design, and make my fabric available to others. I am in the process of working with Spoonflower , a great company that will print YOUR designs: 1 yd or 50 yds. They offer various fabrics and I can share more of my experience at the retreat. Checkout their website to be inspired! Want to start a bigger piece of fabric at the retreat? Bring 1-2 yds of a fairly smooth fabric ( I love working on linen) and some images that inspire you- Ill show you how to turn them into the images on your fabric.
Insetting: The Artful Fabric Detail- I have loved the look of this technique since I first figured it out. I use it off and on ...and it is a core technique in my sewing toolbox. I will bring my new experimenting and finished pieces with this versatile technique. To play with it, you will be able to use any of the materials you bring. Sometimes I like a bit of batting or fusible interfacing on my background piece-especially if it will ravel easily.
Polishing my Look: I am hanging displays around my studio of images that inspire me...of everything from color combinations, the way a scarf is draped, room interiors, textures and furniture. If I respond to it...I know it can influence whatever I create.
I want to wear outfits....not just one great piece...I want it all to work together in new
ways. The simplicity of starting with on thing I love and building out from there is calling me this year. I am working with a vest I got from my mom...I see it as a collaboration and something that feels good to fold into my wardrobe. What is the one piece you know you want to incorporate into your life more? I am working up a wonderful, playful pair of shoes to accent my love of metallics too!
Look in your design file now for inspirationĶand see what sparks your spring wardrobe thinking: you might bring materials to work up a scarf, or other accessories. If the Design File is new for you, lets talk about some easy ways to begin translating your images into actual projects. Bring 5-10 images that you love and would like to inspire your work.

Feedback from DOL Participants

The seminar at Five Pine, OR was another magical fabulous wonderful week! The air was thick with creative energy and so much fun.
We had some "newbies" who were blown away and the "oldies" are getting better and better, including Lois, Diane's mom. They've cornered the market on creative minds. Marcy and Diane were so generous with their advice, lessons and suggestions. It was a dream of a vacation.
Barbara in Seattle
PS: Next time they tell you to bring a blank t-shirt, bring 4!!!!

Well...Marcy and Diane have done it again, provided an incredible and nurturing experience for all of us lucky enough to be there. At the closing circle, Tracy brought up the fact that we are fortunate that Marcy and Diane are willing to share. I've worked for an artist that was very protective of her designs, and didn't want to teach lest she give "it" away. Her world is not dynamic; it's competitive and closely guarded, with added dashes of jealousy. Marcy and Diane radiate with energy, enthusiasm, warmth and joy. When we start to grow within ourselves their happiness is palpable. What is art anyway? Is it the lonely act of creation to be revealed as a product of our ego, or is it the joy of sharing and creating in community? Ahhh, we are so lucky to all be members of this circle.

Thank you, Marcy and Diane, for this creation.
Peggy Koller

I made it!! (...she made it the very first day).

As we gathered at the closing circle at the 5 Pine Resort, I decided to record some of the comments that were shared. Here they are:

"Liberating, Encouraging, Enriching, Rewarding, Refreshing, Uplifting, the best time I've ever had, a new energy, an unforgetable experience, it Opened up my inside space, this makes me really happy and happiness is holy, I have a new lease on life, I have more confidence, I've been immersed in a big creative pool, I've had a huge shift in my idea of sewing from patterns, the teachers were so open and generous!!"

And Diane responded as she always does, "It's not only about the sewing."

Again, thanks for a magical week!! See you next year.

Design Outside the Lines retreats feature a combination of classes each day with Diane and Marcy and hands on studio time.

4 - day studio workshop:
At each retreat we create a working studio, with your own work space and time for your own projects; designing, sewing, surface design, pattern play. Each day includes assistance and coaching from Diane and Marcy, and a chance to collaborate with other participants.

Lively and inspiring classes are taught each day by Diane and Marcy, sharing what they have learned and are learning in their own work and emphasizing different ways of creating using fabric and fiber.

Much of the retreat's success rides on tweaking the ability to create on your feet with spontanaity at your side.

4 day hands-on workshop features include:
Design Play: The joy of making. Specific design tools to jump-start from where you are, expanding on what you know. Exploring free-fall play into new creative territory.

Techniques with a Twist: Get an up close and personal look at innovative techniques fresh from Diane and Marcy's studios. Focus on small things...great details. Develop a collection of special touches to make your work sing.

The Next Step: going to a deeper level in your work. Making it all come together: blend fit and techniques with fabrics and surface design

Design Challenge
Marcy and Diane create a design challenge for participants. You will take home a creativity structure to keep your work evolving....developing goals, vision and taking action.

Benefits & Goals
Ģ Become part of a community of fiber/sewing artists & designers to collaborate, nurture and expand the potential of each participant. Share ideas, problem solving and creativity with others who share your passions.

Ģ Expand your horizons. Build on your existing experience with opportunities to develop your design, fitting and technical expertise. You will go back to your home studio inspired and ignited with ideas that keep unfolding (and surprising yourself) as a result of this experience. Design Outside the Lines continues all year long, via a lively e-mail group.

Ģ Simplify...learn to spot the patterns, fabrics and techniques that express YOU.

Ģ Play is the most powerful teacher. We all learn more quickly and understand more deeply when having fun.

Ģ Professional possibilities. Teachers, entrepreneurs, dressmakers and sewing pros are encouraged to use this experience to replenish and enrich their businesses.

Ģ Resources galore! Play with new tools and techniques, discover where to find unique patterns, tools and books. On-site shopping opportunity for books, patterns, fabrics, supplies & more.

Design Outside the Lines
at 5 Pine Lodge
Sisters, Oregon
June 16-20, 2012

Register for Design Outside the Lines Sisters

The brand new
Five Pine Lodge and Conference Centeris located in Sisters, Oregon, home of the famous Quilt festival. The conference center was built with quilters in mind as Sisters hosts many classes and workshops throughout the year. This big airy well lit room has a big stone fireplace and plenty of space to set up a working studio.

Getting there:
The closest airport is in Bend. You can also fly into Portland, rent
a car and drive. Driving time from Portland is about 3 hours.

Stay in a charming craftsman cottage nestled into a pine forested meadow with wild flowers and stream. Rooms feature hand crafted Amish furniture, soaking tubs filled by a waterfall from the ceiling, tile/stone fireplaces, 42 inch plasma tv, & wireless internet. Part of the complex is the exquisite Shibui Spa for massage, facials, nails etc. Also right on the grounds: the Sisters Athletic club---lodge guests have full use of their facilities, lap pool, weights, sauna. AND, there is even an upscale movie theatre which looks like an old red barn, right on the grounds featuring 4 current releases. There is a full scale restaurant on site....and wine and cheese each afternoon too.

Sisters is located in Central Oregon, in the high desert, nestled at
the base of the Three Sisters Mountains. Walking distance from the Lodge Sisters is full of charm, good restaurants, and fun shopping, strolling
opportunities. .....including
The Stitchin Post , the renowned quilt store owned by Jean Wells, who spearheads the annual Sisters Quilt Festival.

"Design Outside the Lines retreats are a precious time for us and we hope the joy of creativity infuses and inspires those who join us in this experience."

Diane and Marcy

about us:
Diane Ericson and Marcy Tilton are inspiring teachers, coaches and sewing artists who design patterns, write, and love to share their passion for creativity with others.

Diane Ericson
Diane radiates an energy and enthusiasm for the creative process thats hard to top. "Trailblazing new creative frontiers is at the heart of my life's work. I feel a fluid connection between designing, writing and making, that comes full circle when I teach. My passion for sharing my ongoing discoveries is the ultimate celebration." An inspired artist, Diane is the owner/designer of ReVisions sewing patterns and stencils, writes for Threads and is a creativity coach, teaching nationally.

Diane Ericson - Designer/Owner ReVisions - sewing patterns & stencils, writer - Threads Magazine, creativity coach/teacher and artist

Marcy Tilton
Marcy ignites creativity and playful spirit. "I am an everyday creative, my hands are my 'power' tools, I delight in being surprised by what emerges from them. One of the most exhilarating activities I experience is to gather together a group of kindred spirits to work, play, and explore making together; to share our journeys in life." Marcy teaches nationally, designs a line of patterns for Vogue that feature embellishment and surface design, writes for Threads, makes a line of jewelry, is a textile adventuress and a life skills coach.

Marcy Tilton -Teacher, Writer, Taunton Press, Threads, Vogue Patterns, Designer, Vogue Patterns, Surface Design Adventurer, Personal Transformation Coach


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