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Black and white double sided sweater knit from a Japanese mill with the softness of cotton cashmere. The dots are about 1-3/4" in diameter with a 5-1/4" repeat. Mid weight but not thick or heavy, with an appealing soft cozy hand, light drape, crosswise stretch, slight recovery. The two layers of fine knit are connected at the edges of the circles so when you wash the fabric the airy layers create a puckered effect. I see this kind of fabric in fine Japanese garments in Paris and the puckers are highly desired. They add a lovely texture and visual interest. Great for a top, t-shirt, tunic, dress, vest, skirt, cardi, lightweight coat or jacket.

Harvest Moon and Luna Bella are the same design in different color ways in the same base fabric.

I cut 1/2 yard and washed it to see what would happen (in a top loader). When it came out of the washer it was cut in half again lengthwise and one piece was put in the dryer, the other was air dried. The most puckers and shrinkage occurred in the piece that went in the dryer. The 1/2 yard from the dryer shrank about 3" lengthwise and 2" width wise, the air dried piece shrank less and remained flatter. More shrinkage is partially the result of the dots puffing out. If you press and stretch as you iron, the fabric flattens out and regains most of the original size. 
Pre-treat by wash/dry gentle. Or, hand launder and dry flat if you want to keep the original texture as much as possible. Pre-treat the way you will treat the garment. I'd recommend machine wash and air dry, then touch up press.

100% cotton