Grand Bol Lace

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Dramatic and sophisticated white lace is printed overall with large, (4 ½"), black dots. The dots repeat the round motifs in the lace. Deadstock, from Westonwear (sadly now closed). The lace is from Germany, the dots custom printed in SF for the designer. Stable, soft and supple with a light drape and slight mechanical stretch. To line or not depending on the style. Right for a jacket, vest, dress, top or tunic.

Pre-treat by wash gentle and air dry.

Stitching over the open spaces in lace and mesh could cause problems.
Totally Stable to the rescue.

• While you can use tissue paper or even computer paper, Totally Stable works like a charm because it is designed as a tear-away for machine embroiderers. It is a fusible too, but I ignore that entirely.
• One side has a light fusible and is slightly shiny, the other is matte. It comes in white and black. (On a side note, this works beautifully on knits to prevent waffling and rippling).
• It does not matter which side is up. I cut a batch into 1" strips, place on top of the area to be sewn and stitch away. On a long seam, just overlap the strips.
• Even works on curves. Curve or cut in sections to fit as Totally Stable is soft and a bit malleable.
• It tears away easily, does not get caught in the stitching, even tiny stitches, it sort of dissolves. If some remains in the stitches it is easy to pull out, which is not the case with other papers like computer paper or tissue paper

Pre-treat by machine wash gentle and air dry, and do the same after sewing.

Cotton/poly blend (educated guess)