Shocking Pink Rainwear Woven

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                Bright, clear 'shocking' pink, it spools off the bolt perfectly flat, with a muted satin finish in the face/right side, a darker pink on the matte back side. I used the red version of this on-trend, unusual & beautiful water repellant fabric for a coat for my sadly out of print euro-style trench coat, Vogue 9070. As I worked on the fabric it developed a wonderful allover crinkle. One of the new cutting edge textiles, the presence of a bit of metal lends to the appealing crinkle which you can emphasize by crumpling in your hand. I could easily press and topstitch, but the crinkle remains. The crinkle is formed by a small amount of metal threads woven into the if you crush it, the wrinkles remain, but smooth out. Silky and lustrous with a malleable drape and appealing hand and hardly any raveling. The weight is right for a raincoat or jacket. (I did not line my coat as the back side is smooth).
Dry clean. Pre-test a swatch if you want to hand launder and air dry.
63% poly/42% cotton/5% metal