Murano Burnout Velvet Knit- 2 units (1 yard)

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Beautiful burnout/devoré in shades of brown and golden ochre on teal in a gorgeous irregular shimmering grid. Light weight and semi-sheer in the burnout areas with a fluid drape, soft hand, one way nap, a 14" repeat and 4-way stretch. Right for a top, tunic, dress, skirt, shirt, shrug or light jacket. Would also make a lovely scarf or shawl, or could be used as trim or an over-layer.

Devoré is a fabric technique particularly used on velvet, where a mixed-fiber material undergoes a chemical process to create a semi-transparent pattern against more solidly woven fabric. Devoré comes from the French verb dévorer, meaning literally to devour.

Sewing & Pressing Tips
Mark with tailor’s tacks. I use embroidery thread for this as it does not pull out easily. Take one stitch through the fabric leaving 3⁄4” tails. One stitch only. Then gently separate the layers and clip the threads. OR...mark with a dressmaker’s pencil, making a dot at each marking. I lick the pencil to give it a bit more color and lasting power. The biggest sewing challenge is to keep the fabric from shifting as you sew. My preferred method is to use a walking foot in combination with spray adhesive like 505 Spray. Cover your work surface with paper, and carefully mask off the seam allowance with paper. Spray a light consistent amount of spray within the seam allowance, then carefully line up the edges, right sides together and stitch. This is quick and works beautifully. It is a little known secret of couture houses that for years the seamstresses have relied on similar spray adhesives for just this purpose. Pressing: Keep a light hand, use a LOT of steam, and use a clapper.

Pre-treat: steam/dry clean or toss in the washer/dryer on gentle/delicate - test a swatch first.

60% nylon/30% poly/10% spandex
 2 units (1 yard)