Charlene Rayon Woven

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Delicate warm white stylized paisley patterned floral in shades of blue & celery green with black printed on rayon crepe. Deadstock from LA designer Johnny Was. Minimal wrinkling, light and airy with a cool dry crepe hand, fluid liquid drape and 23" repeat. Reminiscent of the iconic vintage crepes our foremothers used in the '30's & '40's. Perfect for both vintage and modern styles for a dress, top, tunic, skirt or soft fluid pants. Test scraps for needle size and stitch length. Start with a small (#10/11) sharp needle, fine thread and short stitch length. This is one of those fabrics that slim like magic!

Cut fabrics like this one using paper. Lay down a layer of paper on the cutting table, and trim the ends so they are straight, at right angles to the other edge. This assures that you can line up the grain of the fabric with the edges of the paper. Place the fabric on top, smoothing so the grain is straight... this is key! Then pin the pattern through all layers and cut through all layers. The bottom paper layer keeps the soft fabric from shifting as you cut and allows you to move and mark the pieces without distorting.

Pre-treat by dipping in lukewarm water and air dry (this is one fabric I would not put in the dryer). After sewing, hand launder and air dry. Rayon fiber is weaker when wet and may appear to shrink and become stiff but with air drying it should return to its natural state.