Lavender Fields Japanese Cotton Double Gauze Woven-2 units (1 yard)

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Sumptuously subtle scattered white flowers on a lavender watercolor effect ground in an impeccable quality fine grained cotton double gauze from Japan designed by a textile artist. One way design with a 24" repeat and a touch of metallic sheen in the flowers. This unique weave is actually two layers of fine light cotton woven together and the effect is airy yet opaque and stable, a popular clothing fabric in Japan, as it is breathable and very comfortable. A pleasure to sew with and to wear. Supple, soft airy cotton shirting weight is great for a blouse, dress, shirt or top and would be perfect for children's clothes. I used this weight combined with the Japanese linen/cotton fabric for a duvet cover. Makes lovely accessories, small bags, pot holders, table linens etc too.

Allison and Lavender Fields Japanese Cotton Double Gauze Woven are sibling fabrics.

Pre-treat by wash gentle and air dry. Softens and has more loft when put in the dryer. Test a swatch to be sure. After sewing, I recommend wash gentle and air dry.

2 units (1 yard)