Peacock Shibori Stretch Woven-2 units (1 yard) *flawed-small snags*

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Beautiful brilliant turquoise with a hand dyed shibori effect in black, in a stretch woven that is ideal for both tops and bottoms. I search for this type of fabric which is similar to those used in some of my own favorite RTW pants and jackets as it has excellent stretch and recovery, and a smooth surface so other garments slide over/under easily, is comfortable to wear, and, is an ideal fiber blend. Lightweight yet stable (slimming, not thick or heavy), with lengthwise stretch, so cut on the cross grain so the stretch goes around the body. Matte, with a cool, dry hand and lightly crisp drape. Pant perfect - right for fitted and softer pants. A good choice for a shirt, light jacket, vest, duster coat, skirt or dress. Ideal for travel and wardrobing. 

Magenta Shibori and Peacock Shibori are different colors on the same base fabric and will play well together.

Pre-treat by wash/dry gentle.

65% rayon/30% nylon/5% spandex

2 units (1 yard) *flawed-small snags*