Divia Cotton Ikat Woven-4+ units (2+ yards)

¥5,800 ¥8,800
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Colorful chevrons adorn this ikat in a fine cotton from India. Some of the most interesting and soulful fabrics are coming out of India today where hand dyed and loomed textile traditions continue. Ikat is a technique in which the warp threads are resist-dyed prior to weaving. This is an especially beautiful piece. Mid shirting weight, opaque with a cool hand, soft drape and 16" repeat. The weight is right for a shirt, dress, tunic, skirt, jumpsuit, summer pants or menswear. This is one of those fabrics that will just keep getting better over time. Ideal for warm weather travel.

Pre-treat by wash gentle and air dry. Launder separately.


4+ units (2+ yards)