Pommery Mustard Suprima Ponte Knit-4 units (2 yards) *flawed-crease lines*

¥3,100 ¥6,200
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Rich warm toned mustard in a beautiful quality ponte knit. Ponte is a generic term for a double knit, but the fiber content can vary. This one has the ideal fiber content -- a blend of rayon/nylon/spandex, so it has a smooth matte texture, beefy, with good drape, an appealing hand and 4-way stretch. Right for both tops and bottoms: ideal for pants, either with some fullness or a narrow, right for a jacket, vest, dress or skirt. One of our best all around basics.
For more info on ponte knits, read my blog.

Pre-treat by machine wash/dry gentle. After sewing, hand launder or machine wash gentle and air dry. I NEVER put darks or pontes in the dryer, it can fade the color and will make dark colors look 'tired' much more than wearing the garment will.

66%rayon, 30% nylon, 4% spandex

4 units (2 yards) *flawed-crease lines*