Burnt Siena Brushed Cotton Woven-2 units (1 yard)

$ 238.00
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Color saturated deep, rich, warm toned rust in a brushed cotton, a contemporary moleskin*; this is one of those cottons that feels delicious. Deadstock from a southern California designer. Mid/heavy weight with an appealing soft cozy brushed hand, smooth on the back side with a structured drape. Right for a jacket, coat, vest or structured skirt, dress, tailored pants, workwear, menswear.
*Moleskin is a densely woven cotton fabric with a brushed surface that looks like suede or the fur of a mole (but is not made with animal skin!).

Pre-treat by wash gentle and air dry. After sewing, wash gentle or hand launder and air dry.


2 units (1 yard)