Royal Blue Puffer Woven-24" piece

$ 142.00
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Two royal blue silky smooth layers are lightly padded and quilted in a classic allover diamond design. Light drape with a silky smooth hand and thin/light inner fiberfill padding. Will be sleek, warm, cozy and soft. Double sided so no lining needed and it will slip over garments beautifully. Perfect for indoors or out, ideal for layering, right for a jacket, coat or vest. In Paris I see fabrics like this used also for dresses and skirts.

Hot Pink, Royal Blue. Marigold and Red Puffer Woven are the same diamond quilted design and fabric in different colors. Black and Navy Puffer are the same vertical quilted design and fabric in different colors. All Puffer Woven fabrics will play well together.

Hand launder and air dry. Test a swatch if you want to machine launder.


24" piece