Gray Wild Cat Collage Sweater Knit

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Soft sweater knit digitally printed with a beautiful abstract collage of wild animal patterns in shades of gray accented with navy and  punched with black on a gray heather base. Cozy, not scratchy, with a supple hand and drape, perfect for those who can't wear wool. Opaque, with crosswise stretch, soft drape, with a touch of rolling at the cut edge, one way design and a 24" repeat. The mid-weight is perfect for a cardigan, top, tunic, hoodie or t-shirt.  This is one of the new polyesters, really lovely, do not be put off by the fact that it is a synthetic, a good alternative to wool with the feeling of cashmere or cotton cashmere. Ideal too, for a soft sweater-y vest to wear over tops and t-shirts for a a cozy layer of warmth.

Muliti Wild Cat Collage and Gray Wild Cat Collage Knits are the same print on the same fabric in different colorways.

Pre-treat by wash/dry gentle. After sewing, wash gentle and air dry.

97% poly
3% spandex