Charcoal Patchwork Cotton Canvas Woven-1 unit (½ yard)

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Re-claimed/re-cycled cotton canvas tarps are cleaned, treated and over-dyed, then hand patched (sturdily machine stitched), to form a wabi sabi textile that is unique - the small imperfections in each yard show the years of wear needed to get to this beautiful state. Raw seams on one side, finished patchwork on the other - use either or both sides. Heavy weight. Sturdy, sculptural, no drape - too firm and weighty for all but the most simple, sturdy  garments (think Carhartt, workwear, apron). One half yard weighs approx. 21 ounces (1-1/3 #'s) Well suited to home decor, bags, pillows, accessories... I took a 2 ½ yard cut for my kitchen table and it looks great. 

No need to pre-treat, has already been cleaned in preparation for patchwork.


1 unit (½ yard)