Filbert Stripe Silk Taffeta Woven-1 unit (½ yard)

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Beautiful brown silk taffeta with tiny filbert stripes. Fine quality yarn dyed woven. Silk taffeta is a classic fabric and a personal favorite that can be used in many different ways. Shirting weight, silky smooth and lightly crisp with a malleable hand and crisp drape. Dress it up or down, make a dress, shirt, skirt, vest, duster coat - and it makes a perfect lining for more structured fabrics.

I like to toss silk taffeta in the washer/dryer, which makes it a bit more cotton-y, kicks back the silky shine and creates lovely all-over crinkles. I take it out of the dryer when it is just a bit damp, smooth it out, give a light press. You can then sew and press, and it will retain the soft crinkles. After sewing, machine wash gentle, either air dry or toss in the dryer until just damp, pull out and smooth the edges. Silk taffeta is an ideal year round fabric because it is a natural insulator, warm when layered, cool and airy in warm weather.

Trivia note: the sound taffeta makes when it rubs itself is called 'scoop'.

Silk is washable. If you want to maintain the original sheen and texture, hand launder and air dry or dry clean. If you want a more textured crinkled look, toss in the washer dryer.


1 unit (½ yard)