FVQ 140 Vintage Kantha Quilt/Throw

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Spectacular one of a kind artisan kantha quilts made from vintage saris are hand stitched, reversible and different on each side. Some are patched, or embroidered - the colors and designs indicate their age, history and the design sense of the maker. Soft and supple, they feel delicious, the fine overall stitching is appealing to the touch and creates a subtle texture. The colors mix in surprisingly beautiful ways, some bright, some soft. Some are pieced front and back, some are one fabric on the front, some have a solid color on the reversed. All possess a rare and deep beauty.

Use as a throw or blanket, or as fabric for garments or accessories.

80 - 100 years old.

Traditionally, old cotton saris, lungis and dhotis, which had turned incredibly soft through wear, were used to make kanthas. 2-3 fabrics are layered together, with lighter colored fabrics on the outside so the stitch and pattern was discernible. The stitch covers the entire cloth and the edges are finished.

Women in almost every household in rural villages would be kantha experts, and spend whatever quiet time they had available - between looking after the house and children, tending to livestock and during the long days of the monsoon - on stitching the pieces. It could take months or even years to complete one kantha. The stitching could be handed down through generations, with grandmother, mother and daughter working on the same kantha.

Hand wash or machine wash cold separately, air dry or dry gentle.

Fine stitching
Recycled fabric; made from cotton saris
52" x 79"
32 oz