Blithe Spirit Japanese Double Gauze Woven-2 units (1 yard)

$ 15.00
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Impeccable quality fine grained cotton double gauze from Japan designed by a textile artist. Painterly abstract brushstrokes in yellow and pale pink on a white background. The weave is two layers of fine cotton woven together so the effect is airy, opaque and stable, popular for clothing in Japan, as it is breathable and very comfortable. A pleasure to sew and wear. Supple, soft airy cotton shirting weight is right for a blouse, dress, shirt, tunic, home decor or children's clothes. I used this weight combined with a Japanese linen/cotton for a duvet cover. Has a 24" repeat.

Pre-treat by wash/dry gentle, softens and fluffs when put in the washer/dryer. Test a swatch to be sure. After sewing, wash gentle and air dry.



2 units (1 yard)