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Rich blue toned teal in a lovely quality washed linen. The commercial washing process leaves the fabric with an appealing hand, allover soft wrinkle and kicked back color way. Has a supple textured hand, lightly crisp with an airy drape. Light/mid shirting weight, opaque, not too thin, not too heavy. Just right for a tunic, top, shirt, pant, airy vest, soft jacket or dress.
Marcy says, 'I love that these washed linens are just what I see in upper end ready to wear with a kicked back chic.'

Pre-treat by hand laundering or machine wash gentle and air dry. You can toss linen in the dryer if you want all-over wrinkles, but always pre-test a sample; some fabrics respond well, others not so well. Test Test Test. Some say that if you iron the linen before washing it does not wrinkle as much — definitely worth a test. After laundering hand wash or machine launder gentle and air dry. I like to take my linens out of the laundry while still very wet, hang on a hanger and pull and smooth the seams and hems, allowing the weight of the water to do the work, then touch up with an iron -- or not.


5 units (2.5 yards)