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Beautiful quality ramie in a delicate rendering of butterflies, roses and branches printed on a warm white base. Ramie is a sister fiber to linen and this fabric looks and acts exactly like linen. Ramie is an ancient fiber, often used in both vintage and new Japanese summer kimonos. Light shirting weight, opaque, with a smooth cool dry hand, and airy drape. Right for a shirt, blouse, dress, skirt, light jacket, floaty vest or soft pants. One way design, 23-1/4" repeat.

Pre treat by hand laundering or machine wash gentle and air dry. You can toss linen/ramie in the dryer if you want all over wrinkles, but always pre test a sample, some fabrics respond well, others not so well. Test Test Test. After laundering hand wash or machine launder gentle and air dry. I like to take my linens out of the laundry while still very wet, hang on a hanger and pull and smooth the seams and hems, allowing the weight of the water to do the work, then touch up with an iron or not.

100% ramie