Tupelo Honey Gateway Ponte Knit-2 units (1 yard)

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A new fabulous rich mustard ponte in response to customers who want 'Eileen Fisher' type ponte in colors. Beefy, but not thick, mid-weight, with a smooth hand, malleable drape and 4-way stretch. A beautiful quality in the ideal rayon/nylon/lycra blend, a fabulous basic that is perfect for both tops and bottoms, for pants, jacket, vest, coat, structured dress or skirt. A natural for wardrobing and travel. Make a mix of tops and bottoms in this fabric to wear together and as separates. PLUS, it has such nice smooth hand that other garments will slip on easily over and under. As you can see from the large number of pattern suggestions, this is a workhorse fabric that will work in many interpretations! All Gateway pontes are the same base fabric.

Pre-treat by wash/dry gentle. After sewing, wash gentle and air dry, do NOT put blacks in the dryer once they have been pre-treated.

68% rayon/27% nylon/6% lycra

2 units (1 yard)