Vanilla Plaid Cotton Flannel

$ 9.00
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Elegant tone on tone muted warm ivory plaid in an exceptional quality cotton flannel. Mid-weight with a super soft hand, cozy brushed finish on both sides, a soft drape and a 6" repeat. Flannel is on trend this season and oh so comfortable to wear. Perfect for a shirt, dress, vest, tunic, men's shirt, children's clothing and wonderfully cozy pj's or robe.

Pre-treat by wash/dry gentle.

To figure extra yardage to match plaids, multiply the repeat by the number of main pattern pieces. For example, if the repeat is 4" and you have 4 main/large pattern pieces, you would need a minimum of 16 extra inches. To match plaids, cut single thickness, starting with the main pattern piece at center front or back, placing CF/CB centered between (NOT ON),  a dominant color or line, then cut one piece at a time, using the cut out piece as a pattern piece for the next, flipping, so you get a left and right side. I draw the plaid on the pattern pieces to match at side seams and notches on sleeves. If the plaid is unbalanced, cut as for a nap. Sew with a walking foot to prevent shifting. Some pieces like pockets, yoke and collar can be cut on the bias.

Machine wash/dry gentle; after sewing wash gentle and air dry.

100% cotton