Kenji Plaid Japanese Cotton Flannel Woven

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On trend with a vintage vibe shadow plaid in warm toned chili red and black in a lovely cotton flannel - impeccable quality from a Japanese mill.  Light/mid-shirting weight, opaque, with an appealing softly brushed hand - brushed on both sides, with a light drape and 4" repeat. Cozy, gets better with age and right for a dress, shirt, tunic, skirt, children's wear, menswear or loungewear.

Haru, Kenji and Yuta are the same plaid in different color ways on the same base fabric.

To figure extra yardage, multiply the repeat by the number of main pattern pieces. For example, if the repeat is 4" and you have 4 main/large pattern pieces, you would need a minimum of 16 extra inches. To match plaids, cut single thickness, starting with the main pattern piece at center front or back, placing CF/CB centered between (NOT ON),  a dominant color or line, then cut one piece at a time, using the cut out piece as a pattern piece for the next, flipping, so you get a left and right side. I draw the plaid on the pattern pieces to match at side seams and notches on sleeves. If the plaid is unbalanced, cut as for a nap. Sew with a walking foot to prevent shifting. Some pieces like pockets, yoke and collar can be cut on the bias.

Pre-treat by wash/dry gentle.

100% cotton