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Charming trio of tea towels: hand made in Portugal in natural linen in a limited edition, using original black and white vintage photographs from Portuguese photographer Artur Pastor.
Screen printed with water based ink. Use as a wall hanging or put to use as a hand or tea towel. Makes a beautiful gift.

Sold in a set of 3.  

Wash gentle and air dry - this will result in a soft wrinkle. Do not put in the dryer as it can fade the screen printed image.

Each measures approx. 18" x 27"


Alegria means happiness in Portuguese. Because being happy is also sharing, this image is the essence of joy in simplicity and everyday life.

Alegria é sentir que existe alguém que olhe por nós sem nunca olhar de lado. 

É nome de bolo da avó ao Domingo. É o gosto doce do primeiro beijo. É confidência, carinho, partilha.
É alegoria, e fantasia, é vida, conclusão.

(Joy is feeling that there is someone who looks after us without ever looking sideways.
It's the name of a grandmother's cake on Sunday. It is the sweet taste of the first kiss. It is confidence, affection, sharing.
It is allegory, and fantasy, it is life, conclusion).

Fé is having faith and finding peace in fear, certainty in doubt. Through this image, we feel all the hope and expectation of these women, and the peace it transmits.

Ter fé é encontrar paz no medo, é ter certeza na dúvida.
Esperar, pedir, acreditar. É fazer com que a saudade se converta em substância.
Fé é não ver falhas, apenas coração.

(To have faith is to find peace in fear, to be sure in doubt.
Wait, ask, believe. It is to make the longing become a substance.
Faith is not seeing failures, only heart).

Terra means going back to the land that saw us being born, growing and one day leaving.
Terra means going back to the ground, to the origin, the house. Our tea towel is the reminiscence of all the meaning of the land.

Voltar à terra. À terra que nos viu nascer, crescer, e um dia partir.
Voltar à terra. Ao semear, cuidar, colher. Voltar à terra, à origem, a casa.
Voltar, porque a terra é pura memória.
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