Godet Back Tunic — Butterick 6981

Godet Back Tunic — Butterick 6981 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics
Fluid and flattering knit tunic features a band across the lower front and a godet in the back. Perfect for transitional and warm weather wearing. Make in a knit with a 3/4 sleeve for spring and sleeveless for summer. Use one print or a solid color or a combination of prints or solids or both.

The lower front band and back godet are topstitched in place under an overlap. The easy solution is, first, press the hem in place, then, pin/baste the hem in place and stitch using a guide to ensure straight stitching. The pressing is essential because it simplifies the stitching. Using a side guide assures that the stitching is straight and even. I use a side guide that attaches to my presser foot. [photo]


  • Press, press, press - the hems of the back godet and hem of top back, front band and top front hem.
  • Stitch in place both the band and godet hems before stitching to top pieces.
  • Once the back godet has been stitched to the inside edge of the back V, and the front band is stitched to the inside edge of the front edge, then the front band and back godet can be top-stitched on the right side either by machine or with hand stitching.
  • It gives me great pleasure to play with combining different fabrics. When combining fabrics I consider the following:

Consider when balancing solid colors

  • What color to place by the face.
  • The sleeves can be in different colors and/or prints.
  • Think about using a darker color for the band/godet.

Consider when combining different prints:

  • How does it look to mix a large scaled bold print with a small scaled all-over print?
  • How varied can the colors be while still working together?
  • Combining dots and stripes together almost always works.
Happy sewing!


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