T-Shirts in Bold Prints — Vogue 1733

T-Shirts in Bold Prints — Vogue 1733 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics
In my life I can never have too many knit t-shirt/tunic tops, they make up the backbone of my closet, and I love both the planning and the making. Katherine and I have these kinds of garments in mind when we choose the designs and color ways for our French digital collection.

I’ve been experimenting with make 2 garments at a time, give it a try! It makes things flow more smoothly and quickly. For these twin tops i used 3 different fabrics from our French Digital Collection. 2 large scale graphics and one panel print. I’ve been seeing a trend to larger scale prints for several years as well as finding more and more interesting panel prints. We selected these with that in mind making sure that the color ways and scale play well together.

The fabrics sat on my design table for a while as I played around with ideas for how to use them. Had an aha moment to use the 3 to make not ONE but TWO t-shirts. I had 2 yards each of the large scale prints and one panel. Decided to do one shirt with the panel on the front, and to use the panel on the back for the other, switching the large graphic prints front to back too.

Vogue 1733 is a fantastic basic, a best seller - Vogue re-printed, and re-issued it recently. Trust me, you want this pattern in your stash and it is well worth the while to make all the adjustments to make it fit. It is probably my #1 most used pattern, must have at least 6 versions in my closet at any time, using lighter weights in summer, more beefy fabrics for cool weather. I designed the pattern not only as a basic, but to work for layering as well, and the pattern pieces are interchangeable. The body and the sleeves on this pattern are the same while the details, length and hem shaping are different. In my own studio, I have taken the time to make all my alterations, then transfer them to hard copies so the cutting goes fast.


  • I used one 39” panel plus 2 yards each of the prints
  • Using the panel I cut one front and one back. If I were using a smaller/shorter panel I might use creative piecing with the other fabrics.
  • I cut one front and one back from each of the graphic prints.
  • Cut two sleeves from each print - and used one of each on each top.
  • Used the contrasting print for the neck band.
  • Cut the neckline a bit higher as cooler weather is coming.
  • Cut a 4” facing at the sleeve hem so I can roll it up to ¾ or use as a bracelet length for more warmth,
  • I changed the hem shaping in cutting.
  • Sewed the whole garment with a walking foot.


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