Making a Muslin Fabric - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Making a Muslin Fabric

I recently received a question about making a 'muslin' for knit tops and t-shirts which leads me to share thoughts on what is a 'muslin' and how it relates to testing a pattern or design. Here is the question and my response including some thoughts on the process of making or using a muslin and facts about the fabric itself.
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Working with Silk - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Working with Silk

Pre-treating Silks are washable, but always test a swatch first to be sure you like th...
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Playing With Panel Prints — It’s All In the Cut - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Playing With Panel Prints — It’s All In the Cut

Panel prints have become a darling of the fashion world, so more and more are available to sewists. The obvious and simple thing is to simply place the panel dead center on a garment and be done. Take a look at two creative variations using our French digitally printed panel knits. Panels are great fun to play with when you consider other layouts and design options. Start with a pattern that has simple lines, ideally one you have already made especially if you are just beginning to hone your design skills. Both tops use Butterick pattern B6633.
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The Groovy Shacket Vogue 1689 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

The Groovy Shacket Vogue 1689

Fun and easy to sew, my latest Vogue release can be worn as either a shirt or jacket, making it a ‘shacket’. Gwen and I dubbed it the ‘groovy shacket’ in a giddy moment as we developed the design. V1689 reflects styles I saw in Paris last spring in shirts, jackets and coats.
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Split Funnel Neck Tunic — Vogue 1637 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Split Funnel Neck Tunic — Vogue 1637

It was cold when this pattern was being developed, and I longed for an easy, cozy tunic to wear over leggings or jeans (as well as layered over a camisole or thin t-shirt, or under a vest or jacket).
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Handmade Artisan Indian Cotton Kanthas - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Handmade Artisan Indian Cotton Kanthas

Kantha quilts have been made for centuries by poor Bengali women, who re-cycle old saris and clothes to make quilts to keep their families warm. More recently, some kantha is produced by women as a way to support their families, and in other cases co-operatives have been formed to offer right livelihood to women as an alternative to prostitution.
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The Blank Canvas Dress — Vogue 9329 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

The Blank Canvas Dress — Vogue 9329

The working studio name for this dress is ‘the stop-me-in-the-street dress’ because that is what has happened to me when I wear it…and I am no longer thin and young! Our testers also referred to it as The Blank Canvas Dress as it lends itself to combining different fabrics, patterns, colors as well as to surface design.
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Fitted Pants — Vogue 9284 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Fitted Pants — Vogue 9284

Fabric/Fitting/Construction Tips Choose a fabric with good stretch - mid/heavy weight ...
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Bell Shaped Skirt — Vogue 9283 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Bell Shaped Skirt — Vogue 9283

This bell shaped skirt is designed for knits, ponte, jersey, novelty sweater type knits. Lightly fitted in the hips, the style has a draped curve at the hem but reads as a slim lined skirt. It can be worn front to back or back to front!
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Crossover Jacket — Vogue 9287 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Crossover Jacket — Vogue 9287

Holiday patterns bridge the seasons between Fall/Winter and Spring. Designed to do just that, Vogue 9287 is a simple and clean lined yet sophisticated jacket that relies on the shaping of the pattern pieces and the asymmetrical closing for the appealing easy to wear silhouette. Comes in two lengths, hip and fingertip lengths with a clever flat pocket that slips into the front band seam. Plus, it is a double breasted jacket that works as well unbuttoned as buttoned. Dubbed it a 'shacket', a hybrid of shirt and jacket.
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