At we are committed to serving and supporting each customer's unique creativity and sharing our love of fabric. We provide a curated collection of fabrics and products chosen with Marcy's discerning eye. Buying fabric on the internet is a new experience for many, and our goal is to make it a personal, satisfying and fun experience for our valued customers. We are located in rural Southern Oregon, on a park-like 4 acres, 5 miles from California and about 50 miles from the coast in a pristine small valley.

The ArtBarn is not a retail store, sorry, it is not possible to visit/shop.

Give us a call if you have questions about a fabric, matching a color, weight, feel, putting together an outfit. (541-592-2969). Office hours are 10-5 weekdays Pacific Coast Time


Marcy is the creative force behind

" is a natural outgrowth of my lifelong love of fabrics & sewing and sharing that love in classes and workshops, books, magazine articles, Vogue patterns and currently via the website, blog, newsletters and direct contact with our customers. If you call with an order or question, you just might get me on the phone and it often leads to a sewing conversation.

Our online fabric store got its start 10 years ago when I sold small amounts of fabric in workshops and lectures, then grew to a website with few bolts of knits and a handful of silk screens, located in my home design studio. We've grown to a team of 6, remodeled the barn, where current fabric is kept and shipped from, expanded Katherine's studio while adding a mini warehouse, then expanded our receiving warehouse/photo studio. I do the buying, photograph and name each fabric, run the back side of the website, do the marketing/advertising, write the blog and if I am lucky, get into the studio and sew. The ArtBarn team keeps the orders flowing. When I sold The Sewing Workshop in San Francisco over 20 years ago and moved to the country I dreamed of this and feel so lucky to be living the dream. I love every aspect of what I do and love sharing my passion for fabric, design, making and creativity with others. Taking photographs of fabric for the website has led me down the rabbit hole to a newfound love of photography which I nurture as a creative outlet by taking workshops around the world and enjoying 'beginner mind', sitting on the other side of the desk after a lifetime of teaching. 

I choose each fabric, selecting for design, quality, touch and appeal, knowing that for our customers, making clothing is a labor of love. I choose fabrics that I would use myself, often have a customer in mind when I find something special. I seek out distinctive prints, subtle neutrals, basics and offbeat colors and designs - keeping in mind those who love blue, green, browns and always on the hunt for what is fresh and new in fashion and textile technology.

I love my job, and my dream team supports each & every aspect!"

The Art Barn Team 


I facilitate and ensure the flow of fabric to our a nut shell I'll say I fill fabric orders. But that doesn't really describe what I do. My days in the ArtBarn are filled with simple processes so that I remain focused and tuned in to several things at once, and enable me to work in rhythm with the energy around me. Years ago I received a Thank You card from a customer that said ""How You do anything is how you do everything". It is a message I have taken to heart and affirm everyday.

This opportunity to work for Marcy has felt like a major Life gift. All my adult life I have been self employed along with my husband as basket makers, which is a very different mode of making a living in the world. Now I am surrounded with women who are strong and creative expressionists. Marcy encourages us to extend into being better sewers and tuning our fabric awareness and language of. Really really, this is a dream job come true. It has challenges enough in all realms and plenty of fun and good feelings to keep me smiling inside and out.

Every morning I sip tea and hand stitch. At the end of each day I settle myself by stitching even more, for I love the feel of thread and the rhythm of the needle weaving in and out of cloth. Small little stitches while my mind slips off into day dreaming. I have spun, dyed and woven wool. Been a knitter always and since I became an adult, have sewn some of my clothes.

What fuels me?  Waking up into my extraordinary life each day with my beloved mate who is a calm, steady, warm force. The natural world surrounds us: we live on a large piece of land where bear and fox and all manner of critters make their home. There are a couple of blogs I daily step into for inspiration; Jude Hill and Terri Windling...they expand me.



I help Marcy with organizing incoming fabrics and getting it ready for photography. In the ArtBarn I'm in charge of sending samples and fill in with shipping and cutting fabric as needed. Some days I'm in the garden and others I keep the recycling moving to the local center. I've been sewing since scout camp when I was 9 and over a lifetime do embroidery, hand and machine sewing. I enjoy the women I work with and Marcy, her world is a big YES, a great place to start from.


Nellie migrated to Southern Oregon from San Francisco where she worked with the SF Opera for 14 seasons. She handles our shipping, packing up each order with TLC, and amazing us and some of our customers with her ability to put so much fabric in the smallest possible box. Nellie is a passionate sewist who creates amazing garments often using small cuts. Her sewing style is fast, clean and very creative. We’ve learned the Nellie pockets (no more floating pockets!). In her spare time, she gardens, has a radio show on our local small town station and plays bass in our favorite local band, ‘Fire Your Boss” - Beth’s husband Mark is another band member.  We all love Nellie’s vibrant enthusiasm and wicked sense of humor.


Carol is a British trained garden designer who loves to sew and loves fabric. Not only can she design a garden, and is a great cook, but she sews prolifically, making clothes that are practical for every day country life with her unique style and flair. Carol lives at ‘The Farm’ one of the original Takilma communal properties, in a beautiful cozy log hand built house in the woods that she re-designed and helped build - Carol can do skilled rock work as well as sew a dress. She brings a bright enthusiasm to our team, cuts and prepares orders for shipping, loves talking with customers and is happily in charge of End Cuts.


Katherine's charming studio cottage sits right next to the ArtBarn and she is a creative muse to us all. An essential part of the fabric buying, she accompanies Marcy on buying trips. Not only is she our on site go-to tech person, but she has an unerring eye for combining patterns and prints when we create our Cool Combos. Katherine is a whiz with spread sheets and does a stellar job keeping the records and itinerary for the Paris tours. An intuitive and practical designer, we all come to her for design consults on our sewing projects. Katherine is Vice President of the company, taking over some of the fabric descriptions in the online store, is our resident tech support, and much much more.



Paul West is our esteemed tech guide/guru, responsible for keeping the website up to date and running smoothly. He helps us navigate the mysteries of computer glitches and updates, manages our FaceBook page and with Marcy, designs and facilitates our e-mails and newsletters. When Paul signed on to design a new website, he fast became Marcy's computer nerd tech-brother, and is an integral part of our team.


While Gwen Spencer lives in Corvallis, OR, about 4 hours north, she comes to 4-5 times a year to sew with Marcy, working on prototypes for Marcy's Vogue patterns. We all look forward to Gwen's visits. She brings her current projects and ignites our creativity. Gwen takes home baskets of swatches and samples which she is turning into blankets (with pockets), for the homeless. Gwen is rightly renowned for her hand stitching, adding simple embroidery to most of her own personal garments. In 2018, Gwen is adding purples to her wardrobe - shown here with a collection she took home from a recent visit.



Our beloved mascot Vasco announces the arrival of UPS, FEDEX and USPS trucks, greets each person's arrival and loves to visit the ArtBarn where he has a special stash of treats. He makes us all smile and has a special place in our hearts. He is indifferent to fabric, hates to shop, but loves a ramble in the woods and a visit to 'the ranch' where he goes along on horse rides and hangs with his dog family.


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