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Fashion Fabric Bedscapes - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

One of my favorite sewing rituals is twice yearly to make a fresh bed-scape - a duvet cover and pillowcases, one for warm weather, the other for cool. It is easy, fun and very satisfying both in the making and using.

My versions are simple. Choose two harmonious fabrics for the duvet, one for the front, one for the back. I’ve used linen and cotton as well as linen/wool blends. Fabrics for the pillow cases must be smooth. Liberty and Japanese cottons make the most luxurious pillowcases and I love to see the mix of colors and patterns.

Version 1

Uses a Japanese linen on one side and a Japanese cotton/wool on the other.

Version 2

Made in Spring 2021 and inspired by a painting I purchased from Miles Frode, (the talented son of Diane Ericson.)

Version 3

Made in Fall 2021, inspired by a small ’50’s vintage painting I purchased in Paris at the flea market.

Version 4

Made in Winter 2024 and inspired by Marcy’s friend Amy who wanted to hit the refresh button on her bedroom decor.


  • I do not pre-shrink the fabric which adds an extra step, I find that the fabric off the bolt is easier to handle. There is plenty of leeway for a bit of shrinkage.
  • Tear the fabric or pull threads so everything is on the straight of grain.
  • My duvet measures 80” x 80” and uses 5 yards of fabric for each side.
  • If there is a design on your fabric that requires matching you will need extra yardage.
  • Measure your duvet and make the cover the same size plus ½” seam allowance all around.
  • Decide if you want one seam down the middle or two seams with one width placed down the middle.
  • Stitch the lengthwise seams, then trim to the width. It helps to have a large cutting surface.
  • Press, then fold in half lengthwise, mark and trim.
  • After marking I use a long metal ruler as a guide and cut using a rotary cutter.
  • Double check to be sure that both sides of the cover are the same size.
  • Use a long zipper on one end for the opening. I used a sturdy YKK coil zipper by the yard from Amazon.
  • Serge the edges of the seam before inserting the zipper.
  • Stitch the seam leaving zipper placement open.
  • Press seam open, pressing under the seam allowance at the zipper opening.
  • Center the zipper along the seam and insert. Leave the zipper open a few inches to make turning easier.
  • Fold cover right sides together, pin and stitch around 3 remaining edges in a ½” seam.
  • Serge edges.
  • Press flat as sewn.
  • Turn, turning corners, touch up press and Voila! Finished.


Takes about 1 yard per standard size pillowcase. Katherine is stitching pot holders from any scraps.

  • Use favorite pillow cases as a pattern, measure, add ½” seam allowances plus 6” for the opening which is turned under 3” twice.
  • Tear the fabric or pull threads so everything is on the straight of grain.
  • Press under the top hem: 3 inches pressed under twice. - Don’t sew this yet!
  • Stitch bottom and side seams.
  • Serge edges.
  • Press
  • Press top hem edge in place and stitch.
  • Turn and touch up press.

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