Fitted Pants — Vogue 9284

Fitted Pants — Vogue 9284 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics

Fabric/Fitting/Construction Tips

  • Choose a fabric with good stretch - mid/heavy weight pontes are perfect, though you could use a lighter weight ponte too.
  • This style will also work well with a stretch woven, 4 way stretch is ideal.
  • For the pattern envelope, we used ponte, the gray a mid weight, the bronze metallic a sturdy weight
  • A woven with 2 way stretch must have very good stretch and recovery. In this case, cut wider seam allowances and add a bit (12/"-1") to the crotch depth to allow for more ease and a slightly looser fit, and fit as you sew.
  • Construct the front and back pieces first, then sew the inseam, next the crotch.
  • At this point, try on the pant
  • Pin the side seams along stitching line, wrong sides together, and try the pant on. Make any necessary alterations to the fit before sewing the side seam
  • We used double thread for the topstitching to add extra definition, using a sharp point/jeans topstitching needle.


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