Paris Strip T-Shirt — Vogue 8582

Paris Strip T-Shirt — Vogue 8582 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics
I love the trend of using fabric as a trim, and I often see the French using home sewing techniques like this in design. In this first of three videos, I review different design strategies for this technique, cutting strips and sewing them on to the fabric of the garment. In this video, I demonstrate variations I've created using Vogue Pattern V8582.

In this second video of three, I demonstrate the steps to follow when cutting strips and positioning them on to the garment. I also include tips on cutting on the grain, working with the stretch of the garment, and other guidelines for measuring, cutting, and positioning the strips onto the garment.

In this third and final video in the series, I go through the steps of sewing, pressing, and other design strategies for adding material strips to a T-shirt or any garment. It's best to build your strips, one or two at a time, press, and then move on to building the next. That allows the design to evolve as you go. Also, should you have a problem with fabric stretching, you can add stabilizer and then tear it away when you're finished.


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