The Godet Swing Tunic — Vogue 9272

The Godet Swing Tunic — Vogue 9272 - Marcy Tilton Fabrics
I'm excited to share this Vogue Pattern for fall, a fun flattering top/tunic. The studio working title for this pattern is, 'The Godet Swing Tunic'. Designed for knits - you could use almost any weight from a light jersey to ponte. In the garments for the pattern envelope I used a light sweater knit, a poly/lycra ITY and a ponte.


  • Lightly fitted in the upper chest and bust, skims the waist and hips.
  • Comes in 2 lengths.
  • Has a pleated godet inserted at the hem, a flattering detail.
  • You could use a woven for the godet, probably not for the neck band, though I did not try it.
  • Fitted neck band is faced with stitched down tucks that frames the face. The tucks are stitched in at the very end.
  • Make the neck band and godet in a contrasting or matching fabric.
  • The sleeves have a faced vent (a '40's detail I use in many of my patterns), or a faced hem roll up or not.

Version 1

Shown here in the shorter version, made in a French digital print on a light weight viscose/lycra French terry sweater knit, accented with a light weight knit stripe at the neck and godets.

Version 2

In a double faced wool blend ponte in the longer version. A solid color shows the seaming and design details.

Version 3

is a poly/lycra ITY knit print with a border along each edge which we incorporated into the design. Shown in the longer version.

Marcy's Version

In a viscose/elastine jersey from my stash, made in the longer version.

Sewing and Cutting Notes

  • If you cut your fabric on the crossgrain in knit which does not have much stretch, use a 1” seam allowance at the side seams and adjust the garment to fit as you sew.The garment is designed with plenty of easy in the bust, but a generous seam allowance will permit adjustments during construction.
  • Optional: Interface the neck bands with a light weight fusible interfacing. Test first, some fabrics might not need interfacing. Test to determine which direction to run the interfacing, whether to have a bit of stretch or better if it is stable.
  • When sewing knits, I use a walking foot, makes everything much easier!

Godet Tips

  • Hem both the garment and godet before attaching the godet to the side seam - see video below for hemming tips.
  • The godet is stitched to the open side seam, then the seam is stitched from the top of the godet to the underarm.
  • Once the godet and side seam are sewn and pressed, a pleat is formed in the godet as shown in the photos below. The fold is pressed, then the pleat is secured by stitching in the ditch.

Hemming Tips

  • Use a spray adhesive like 505 Spray to hold the hem in place as you machine stitch, either with a single or double needle
  • I find it is often better to use the raw edge on a knit since serging can sometimes cause stretching. test test test...
  • Protect the table surface from overspray with a layer of paper.
  • Apply a light layer of adhesive spray to the hem width.
  • Use Paper to mask off the hem area.
  • Carefully stick the hem in place and it is ready for machine or hand stitching.
  • OK to give the hem a touch up press after applying the adhesive.
  • In the studio with Gwen Spencer and Marcy


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