Sustainability is a primary value for Ratti

Sustainability is a primary value for Ratti - Marcy Tilton Fabrics
Sustainability is a primary value for Ratti, an environmentally virtuous business, oriented towards a circular, socially responsible economy, in constant dialogue with its circle of stakeholders. More creativity and less consumption is the principle that inspires their work. Combining beauty and sustainability in their creations, integrating cultural heritage with technological innovation, opening up to the challenges of the future without abandoning tradition, being in a constant quest for what is beautiful, well made and sustainable.

Saving resources, reducing consumption, reducing waste, reusing materials, recycling waste. Making sustainable products, with sustainable technologies, selecting materials, certifying processes. Improving the working and non-working life of employees, contributing to communities and local areas, promoting and participating in social and cultural initiatives and programmes. Innovating products, processes and services, participating in research programmes, investing in people and in the protection of the environment. Doing their part to bequeath to future generations a world that has not been compromised by the unsustainable use of resources.


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